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About Us

6M Global Consulting Limited is a consulting company with over 16 years’ experience in operations management. Our clientele base and experience cut across industries such as manufacturing, assembly plant, retail sales, logistics, and oil and gas.

Over the years, 6M Global Consulting has helped it’s clients resolve critical business challenges such as implementing plant maintenance strategies, reviewing inventory strategies and tactics to ensure efficiency, master data management tailored at reducing inventory waste, effective distribution network and procurement to pay. Most of our clients recommended us to a third party for the successful completion of the following engagements.

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance-(the Strategy for Managers and Executives)
  • Smart Plant Maintenance planning and scheduling (The tactics for Maintenance Managers, Supervisors, Planners and Schedulers)
  • Strategic Inventory Management (For MRO Environment)
  • Production/MRP Inventory Management (For production or Manufacturing Environment)

Some of our prominent and visible clients are:
Canadian Natural Resources
Suncor Energy Canada
BlackBerry Canada
Chrysler Assembly plant Canada
Wal-Mart Canada

Our extended expertise covers the listed common business challenges below:

Plant Maintenance Operations Supply Chain & Logistics
Reliability Centered Strategy Demand & Supply Planning E-Commerce P2P
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Distribution Network planning Counterpart Risk Management
Bill Of Material Management Forecasting & Replenishment Supply Chain Risk Management
Master Data Management Production Scheduling Logistics Models Design
Critical Equipment Management Production Activity Control Fleet Management
Strategic Inventory Management Sales & Operations planning Incident Investigations
Employee Recruitment Materials Requirements planning Employee Recruitment
Project Management/Supervision Change Management Project Management/Supervision

Our Values

1. Loyalty to our Clients


2. Professional Judgment Based on Facts and Figures



3. Long Term Partnership


4. Continuous Improvement and Investment in our Resources in Order to Serve our Clients Better


5. Globally Applicable Solutions


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a “path to excellence”, support, information, advise, technology and partnership with entities in operations and projects management so as to enable them achieve their individual visions and missions. We will achieve this by focusing on critical activities (Man, Material, Machine, Methods, Metrics and Money -6M) that enhances our client’s shareholders value.


We envisioned 6M Global Consulting to be among the first 3 management consulting firms specifically dedicated to improvements and excellence in operations and projects management in Africa.
We will achieve this by gaining reputation as unbridled managers of the “Part to excellence”. The part to excellence being the 4Ps (Plan, Product, Process, and People).

Man, Material, Machine, Methods, Metrics and Money6M Global