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Smart Plant Maintenance Planning

Concepts & Best Practices

A lot of resources have been invested in building your plant. The project is done and the plant is running, but what is next?

To maximize return on investment over and beyond the forecasted years, management must put in place effective, efficient and appropriate maintenance strategies.

This course discusses the various strategies employed in modern plant maintenance to ensure the plant’s life is extended over and beyond the forecasted life span.The course is appropriate for new and upcoming managers, supervisors and even young and ambitious employees.

Plant Maintenance Scheduling

Balancing Work & Resources

Getting the most out of existing human and capital resources is the objective of many corporations that want to operate profitably. Too often, badly implemented maintenance scheduling and resource coordination efforts result in poor and unbalanced resource utilization.

This course will impact the knowledge of best practices in maintenance scheduling that ultimately leads to significant reduction in waste and increases plant uptime.

Master Production Scheduling

Operating Lean for Maximum Profit

The master production schedule is the detailed driver of requirements in every manufacturing environment. This accounting and timing of material requirement is the company’s determination of firm and forecasted signals empowered to drive procurement and manufacturing requirements.

Procuring short of requirement is as bad as over stocking materials or finished goods and both could lead to dire consequences for the company.

This course is design to enlighten production managers, supervisors and schedulers on how to balance materials and plant capacity in order to achieve optimal result.

Strategic Inventory Management

Managing the “Heartbeat” of Production

Inventory is the “heartbeat” of every business entity. The success or otherwise failure of entrepreneurial ventures largely depend on its ability to appropriately manage its inventory whether its raw material or finished product.

Whether it’s raw material or finished product, every organization must endeavour to balance its inventory with the aim of reducing waste in the system. It is the waste reduction that leads to increase in profit margin. An increase in profit margin ensures a sustainable business and increase in the shareholders’ value.

This course is appropriate for production managers, production schedulers/planners and all supply chain personnel.

Essentials of Projects Management

Managing the Triple Constraints

Every corporate entity is at some point involve in a project, whether it’s a turnkey multi-billion dollar project, new product introduction or just a continuous improvement project, they are all required to come out with a unique product in a timely manner and with limited resources.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet project objectives.

This course impacts knowledge in techniques that are directly applicable to day to day project management. Attendees will acquire skills that are directly applicable to managing the triple constraints of all projects and when appropriately used could lead to maximum return on project investment.

Value Driven Fleet Management

Depending on the nature of business endeavour and especially for a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, privately owned vehicle fleet could be categorized as highly or lowly important.However,once substantial investment has been deemed necessary by management for strategic advantage reasons, it consequently becomes imperative to have a value driven fleet management system in place. This course focuses on fleet safety management, fleet maintenance, Fleet tracking and tracing, and fleet personnel management. The course also enumerates how to effectively manage both controllable and uncontrollable elements of safety.

This course is recommended for fleet managers, safety managers, safety representatives and senior drivers aspiring to leadership positions.

Optimal Distribution Management

Few business areas impact an organization in as many places as do logistics and distribution. Service level performance directly impacts customer satisfaction; delivery expenses impact revenue; driver labour and carrier costs impact the income statement; and rolling stock and warehouse funding impact the balance sheet.

Our core team of logisticians can help you reduce costs through distribution footprint optimization, competitive sourcing, and improved transportation management. We can also help drive efficiencies in warehousing through design and implementation of improved distribution center footprints and improved productivity within facilities.

Safety Management System

Many executives have had sleepless nights as a result of industrial accidents, many companies have had to pay millions even Billions as compensation due to accidents that could have been prevented Many top executives and manager have even gone to jail. Many good and corporately responsible companies have also suffered from unwholesome images created as a result of accidents. We believe “all accidents are preventable” and companies must be proactive and be willing to expend resources towards establishing a credible safety management system. We help companies to start the journey of establishing a world class safety management system and we stand close to them in their journey towards zero accident.

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